03.11.16  Staff of our department Koloskov A. V. defended his doctoral thesis by specialty of "Radiophysics".

  12-14.11.14  Norwegian – Ukrainian School – Conference "Remote Radio Sounding of the Ionosphere (ION-2014)" was held in Tromso (Norway).

  14.10.14  Staff of our department Zalizovski A. V. defended his doctoral thesis by specialties of "Radiophysics" and "Geophysics".

  12.05.14  In "Data" section appeared sun photometer data, obtained on LFO in Martova village.

  28.11.13  Staff of our department Sopin A.O. defended his PhD thesis by specialty of "Radiophysics".

  09.09.13  The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a decree on awarding the complex of electromagnetic sounding of the environment, in the village of Martova, the status of the national heritage of Ukraine.

  23.04.13  17-th Ukrainian Antarctic expedition returned in Kiev. Staff of our department Bogdan Yu. Gavrilyuk was a member of the expedition.

  25-27.09.12  The conference "Electromagnetic methods of environmental studies" was carried out. The conference is dedicated to the 90th birthday anniversary of the famous Ukrainian scientist professor P. V. Bliokh.

  04.11.11  An automatic digital weather station was installed at Low Frequency Observatory in Martova.

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Department of Radiophysics of Geospace

of Institute of Radio Astronomy NAS of Ukraine was established in 1993. The main scientific areas of interest are:

  • Space weather studies:

    • Ionospheric and magnetospheric researches at high and middle latitudes. >>
    • Study of the natural global resonances of the earth-ionosphere waveguide system. >>
    • Development of the new radio physical and radio astronomical methods of remote sounding of the geospace, its plasma and field characteristic. >>
    • Satellite ionospheric diagnostic systems design. >>
  • Interplanetary medium studies:

    • Jupiter's sporadic high frequency radio emission research. >>
    • Development of the theoretical models of radio wave propagation. >>

The department consists of 1 associate member of NASU, 1 Sc.D., 7 Ph.D., 10 engineers and 5 technicians. The work on the Low Frequency Observatory is directed by the head of the scientific laboratory Volodymyr E. Paznukhov. Experimental researches with the collaboration of the department are conducted at different ionospheric laboratories in Ukraine, Russia, Arctic, Antarctic, Alaska, Europe and USA. Ongoing monitoring of the meteorological, magnetic and ionospheric parameters, measurements of the cosmic and intergalactic rays are held on the Low frequency observatory IRA, Martova.